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New eco-lodge, Wayabero, is set to open in the Sierra de la Macarena National Park, Colombia in 2024…

Wayabero luxury expedition lodge will provide a gateway to the remote wilderness of Colombia’s Sierra de la Macarena National Park. Following in the footsteps of Ecuadorian sister hotel, Mashpi Lodge, Wayabero will focus on sustainable tourism, wildlife and environmental conservation, reforestation and research. Wayabero is also a pioneering design project, committed to the development of the local community and ensuring the highest level of hospitality is provided to intrepid travellers dreaming of experiencing the region’s extraordinary natural diversity.

What we love about Wayapero Lodge

  • Sierra de la Macarena was Colombia’s first National Park, created in 1948. In small groups of 8, explore the park with expert naturalist guides, enjoying a range of adventure and nature activities. Trek to a rock citadel to discover ancient geological formations and petroglyphs, identify rare birds and butterflies on forest trails, swim in fresh-water creeks, ride horses across savannahs sprinkled with wildflowers, kayak along the river watching monkeys swooping through the trees and bike to incredible vantage points across thousands of miles of tropical forest in every direction.
  • Colombia was named the top destination in the world for spotting varied birdlife, boasting more species than any other country on the planet. Along with birds, the region is home to abundant wildlife, including 9 species of monkeys, pink river dolphins, capybara, toucans, eagles and jaguars. Trek to a nearby waterhole to see animals looking for mineral rich soil and clay licks, a spectacular natural event where you will see a number of the tropic’s most iconic species.
  • Wayabero promises an authentic experience of rural Colombia. 90% of staff come from the local community and the guides are deeply connected to their natural surroundings, bringing joy to a discovery of Orinoquia’s identity and natural beauty.
  • With just 36 luxury rooms, the lodge is immersed in a 3,300-acre private and protected natural sanctuary, offering an intimate discovery of a wilderness that has hardly been explored.
What to do at Wayapero Lodge

Wayabero is as much a springboard for outdoor adventures as it is a place to still the mind and awaken the senses; a peaceful environment that renews and revives.

Drift down the river, fish in the shallows, relax in the infinity pool, enjoy sunset massages listening to the sounds of the forest and take in mesmerising views over the Guayabero River and the cliffs beyond that turn golden at sunset.

This is a particularly beautiful destination for nature photography, whether amateur or professional. Capture the vivid colours of wildflowers, rare orchids and dancing butterflies.

Journey an hour south-east of Bogota by light aircraft, flying low over incredible mountain and tropical forest scenery, before canoeing 40 minutes along the Guayabero river to reach the lodge.

to Travel

Orinoquia is a year-round destination, but June to December is a particularly lovely time of year to witness a vibrant palate of colours in the shallow creeks that are formed from hard sandstone (like diamond). Cano Cristales, a 25-minute boat ride away, is famed for its stunning rainbow-coloured waters, a phenomenon that occurs when a plant germinates in the shallows and, when basked in sunlight, provides an amazing mirage of colours. There are several more intimate creeks nearby where you can see the same colour phenomenon, such as Cano Amor.



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