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Honeymoon | Argentina Belize Colombia Costa Rica | 21.02.24

The Honeymoon Specialists

Everybody has their personal vision of heaven. If, like us, you enjoy romantic colonial cities, earthy adventure, remote outposts, good food and plenty of imaginative little surprises along the way, then read on.


Our honeymoon specialists know how to balance downtime with adrenaline, off-grid hideaways and unbridled extravagance. A private terrace or a plunge pool go a long way. As do lounges and upgrades, massages and Champagne. Lots of Champagne. We always secure that little table under the olive tree; fix guest lists for private parties and spend an eternity dreaming up little indulgences.

Avoid the crowds and eye-watering prices of December and January, we love Uruguay in November and February through April. Start with 2-3 nights in Buenos Aires, before hopping over the River Plate by ferry to the sleepy village of Colonia, all cobbles and colonial facades.

From here, go on to explore its lush hills studded with olive groves, vineyards, stylish owner-run boutiques; the thriving food scene of Montevideo; the tumbleweed village come gastronomic enclave, made famous by Francis Mallmann’s Garzon, and vast expanses of pristine coastline for swimming, surfing and kitesurfing. As ever, we have keys for everything, from Robinson Crusoe shacks to Bond Villain lairs.



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