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Niko Echebarria on Mexico

I first visited Latin America on a school trip to Bolivia, where I spent some time volunteering for a charity that rescues children from the streets. It was beautiful, intense, and a completely compelling experience for a 15-year-old.

I have since returned nearly a dozen times & each time I fall more & more in love with this incredible continent. It has so much to offer, from vibrant cities to dense jungles & breathtaking beaches. It would be easy to spend a lifetime exploring and seeing but a small fraction of what it has to offer.

Hey Niko, tell us about yourself.

I’m Niko (Nikole) & I’m originally from Bilbao in the north of Spain. From a very young age, I started travelling, and it has become my way of life. I was born an explorer, and I love discovering new places, new cultures, & new people.
Aside from the travelling bug, which I picked up from my father, one of my favourite hobbies growing up was looking at other people’s houses (as the daughter of a great interior designer it was inevitable!), so I decided to study interior architecture in Madrid. When I finished, I worked as an interior designer – until 2017 when I went to Kenya on holiday and decided to move there. I fell completely in love with the culture, the country, the colours, the smells…
I also lived for a while in New York, an incredible experience, but for me, nothing compared to Kenya & India that followed. Nowadays I am based in Mexico. There is something about these countries which have a daily mentality that I find more grounded & inspiring. Less stress, less competition, more presence.

Imagine you are planning a honeymoon in Mexico for a close friend. What would you arrange for them?

I would include a little mix of everything. I think the perfect honeymoon in Mexico would include a blend of adventure, relaxation, & sightseeing.

I would start by spending a few days in Mexico City, discovering museums, galleries, architecture, restaurants, the historical centre, & the parks. There is so much to do in this city.

Then some time in nature up in the mountains, with a stay in a typical hacienda, where you can hike, horse ride, & enjoy the charming setting, followed by a road trip through the landscapes of rural Mexico.

At the end of the honeymoon, I would choose from the thousands of miles of beautiful coastline that this country has to offer. To finish the trip, I would recommend a stay by a luxurious & peaceful unexplored beach for some days to relax & return home renewed.

What is the ultimate packing list when travelling to Mexico?

I would always recommend taking your BAKAR outfits with you, of course! Easy, comfy, colourful & useful for any occasion. Don’t forget mosquito repellent, sunscreen, a great hat, a book, & hiking shoes.


Tequila or Mezcal?

Mezcal. I must say it took me a while to enjoy it, but now I am a big fan.



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